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Pigments are colored-dusts of several types, ranging from mineral, natural organic to chemical products, which once blended with a binding element, allow the coating process on certain supports.

Pure pigments, which can be found in Arcobaleno Venezia, can be obtained naturally, by extracting them from natural substances (mineral, vegetal or animal ones), and by processing them until they become dust; or artificially through chemical reactions.

Supports on which pigments can be applied, duly blended, range from papers of all types, wooden-boards, cardboards and more. Pigments are used for several painting techniques, as oil painting, water colors, tempera and acrylic.

Pigments are the basis of all colors, they compose and distinguish them. Their shininess cannot be obtained by mixing various colors.

In Arcobaleno Venezia shops, over 60 types of mineral, natural organic and chemical pigments to paint your own painting or to find the right inspiration for your next piece, can be found. Precious pigments as well can be found, such as lapislazzuli e azzurrite, difficult to source since they are directly extracted from rare and precious minerals.

In Arcobaleno Venezia you can also find several binders to blend your pigments for your specific painting technique:

  • Linseed oil for oil painting
  • Arabic gum for water-colors
  • Acrylic resin for acrylic painting

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