Fonderia Big - Arcobaleno Venezia

Foundry products in Arcobaleno Venezia are created through processes of production handed down from one generation to another, following the ancient techniques used in Venetian handcraft workshops and in melting furnaces dating back to the beginning of ‘900s.

This way it is possible to recreate shapes and aesthetic impact of bronze-made and brass-made ancient artifacts, which by now belong to our memories, though reacquire their own precise identity even nowadays in the surrounding space.

Even today, despite the wide use of computers in all design phases, manual skills and craftsmanship are synonymous of high quality and guarantee. Each piece, completely hand-finished, is unique, a result of artisans’ expertise and skills.

All our foundry products boast a wide range of doorbells and Venetian historic door knockers, made through traditional methods, but longlasting and resistant. We are also able to fulfill high quantity supplies, both for prototypes and for personalized-single-pieces.

Enrich your house with a unique and handmade artifact.

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