Umbrellas, Walking sticks and Shoehorns

Ombrelli bastoni calzanti Big - Arcobaleno Venezia

Our collection of umbrellas, walking sticks and shoehorns is the latest project in Arcobaleno Venezia, born through a new collaboration after years of experience in foundry and years of careful and accurate research.

The handles skull, dog, owland even more, are the considered the finishing touch of the collection, with figurative decorations drawing their references from the historical iconography, which, along centuries, had been found on walking sticks as one of the most beautiful artistic expressions of their times. Our walking sticks, umbrellas and shoecorns, nowadays as back then, are enriched by adornments, by the variety of models and by the raw materials used.

Swarovskis and silvers interchange with porcelains, resins, wood and other materials.

Our collection of walking sticks, made out of beechwood, is able to gratify the customer who wishes to possess a unique piece, both for collecting purposes and for the use of a fine accessory.

A “soft” line of walking sticks has been created for collectors, a rising sector, another line instead has been created to be used, both for support and for those who make out of their walking stick a vehicle of prestige and communication.

The umbrellas, made out of beechwood as well, are unique pieces, all different one another. A high-quality handmade umbrella is an element that represents and marks a person. An accessory able to communicate.

The line is then completed by shoehorns, made out of beechwood also in this case, and enriched by (cromatizzato in galvanica) handles, able to embellish your house. No longer an accessory to hide, rather to show off.

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