Leather goods

Pelletteria Big - Arcobaleno Venezia

The leather line, totally handmade by us, is composed by aprons for artists and several types of notebooks/cases: pencil cases, paint brush cases.

These cases are suitable for artistic use, since they are perfect containers for paint brushes, pencils, 300gr sheets (for acrylic and watercolor works). They are elegant notebooks, unique and perfect as fine accessories for yourself or as a gift.

The leather used is recovered from stocks, it concerns of leather which is not typically used for “traditional” products, since it usually presents little flaws which does not make the leather uniform, therefore not usable for other types of manufacturing. This way we give a second life to a raw material that, otherwise, would end up dead.

These flaws are actually a plus for our artifacts and handmade products, as they make our pieces and works even more unique. There could never exist an artifact identical to another.

Our aprons, usually worn by artists, painters and tattoo artists, could be used in other fields as well, for instance by hairdressers, in the ceramic production, or foundry production, with the aim of protecting yourself from danger sources. Practical,  customized, functional and high quality aprons.

The types of leather we use are soft leathers, rough leathers, heavy leathers and precious leathers.

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