Arcobaleno shop was born over twenty years ago as a traditional Venetian workshop, where pigments, restoration products and more could be found, in the area of Santo Stefano in Venice. Massimo, who has always been an artist, had the idea to create a shop to meet artists and art and beauty passionates’ needs, in Arcobaleno shop.

Arcobaleno shops are still, to these days, family-run businesses, with a long-lasting experience in the local craftsmanship sector, thanks to Massimo’s path and to his wife Roberta, who consider art and beauty their philosophy in life.

All products and artifacts in Arcobaleno Venezia are either manufactured by us, or selected from consolidated and historic partners, for whom we guarantee quality and reliability. Our shops are visited daily by artists, tourists, curious people who want to get in touch with beauty, art and Arcobaleno Venezia’s colors.

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